Your first market is your people!

As a business owner, a manager or a corporate executive, it is so easy to get lost in trying to get your message “out”. It is easy to get so caught up in how to connect to prospects and customers, be more profitable, increase margins, gain marketshare, improve production…. that you miss your most important sale – the sale to your team. Whether your business is composed of one individual or hundreds, your success will be determined on how well you make and keep this first customer.

This first customer is about the infrastructure of your business. You can have the bestbuilding a foundation systems and processes in place, a beautiful facility and excellent benefits – and that may keep employees there. However when you market internally, you are building a foundation for everything else you do. When the people that work for/at/with your business move from collectors of checks or even admirers to raving fans – everything changes.

When your team knows what makes you uniquely valuable to the marketplace, when they know your story and how you make a difference, when they feel there is a value that they contribute that is above and beyond the paycheck and any other benfits they get, that “belief” will change every interaction they have. Whether they are talking to a prospect, handling a problem with another worker or a customer, or looking for ways to be of greater value to your business, at the core of all they do will be the understanding that they make a difference.

723659-soccer-euro-2012-england-ukraineIf your company doesn’t have raving fans as your first line of marketing, why not? Do people come to work because they love to or because they get paid? Do their faces light up when they talk about what they did today?

Maybe your business was like that. Do your people talk about the good old days? Do they remember what it was like to do something that felt important? Do they look forward to vacations and flex time because it’s all they can do to make it through? Is this what you really want it to be like?

It is not the nifty toys or benefits that define your culture. It’s your people! Your people create and maintain your culture when guided by a compelling vision of purpose. If this isn’t your company currently, contact S-Hand Group today.