In August of 2011, I invited friend and BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton co-founder and scary smart guy Tracy Ingram to speak at our lunch and learn on SEO. At that time we both worked in a co-working space together and as co-founders would have fun together with some of our other team members in our “Google ranking races.” Although Google has changed the b”rules” a number of times since then – I still love the video.

If you want to know what Tracy is up to now, check out this article.

Posted originally By Sara Hand on Aug 18, 2011

As a founder of BarCamp Sarasota, one of the things that falls under my responsibility is choosing our monthly Lunch and Learn topics and the speakers who speak to these topics. I have often said people don’t know what they don’t know, which is exactly WHY our August 19th topic is “There is more than one way to page one.

I hear people discussing their challenges or strategies to gain influence online. In my positions with BarCamp Sarasota and some of the other organizations I am involved with; my take on this is somewhat different. Many people or companies will talk as if they have the “magic pill” for search engine rankings. I have seen new sites hit page one in less than a week and seen others never get there.

Tracy Ingram, a co-founder of BarCamp Sarasota and a brilliant SEO strategist will be sharing on a variety of tools that could get you to page one, which page one you want to get to and what to do when you get there.

With all the competition on the Internet, getting top rankings can seem like an overwhelming task. Join Tracy Ingram as he discusses what works and your most effective options for consistently high ranking in search engine results.

While Google is not the only search engine out there, it is the biggest search engine and with the most traffic. You will find at this Lunch and Learn that there is more than one way to get to page one out there. Social media and Videos as just one way to get to page one. Even inside Google there are many ways: PPC, Local, Long tail, and Video Images. Tracy will discuss all of these and more in an open discussion on how to actually get to page one and what that means. You may even come away with the knowledge of not only where you want to be on page one but what for!

SEO – Stands for Search engine optimization and is the focus of this talk. If you do not know what search engine optimization is don’t worry, this will still be a fun informative lunch and learn for you and an opportunity to learn about how people find things on the internet.

Page one means: “first page of the search results. ” With more than one way to get to page one, we are going to show you how to get ranked in search engines and how to show up on that very important page one.

Who is looking for you on page one?

What is it that they are looking for?

Well that’s where the work comes in. Knowing where and how to show up for a term is sometimes more important than showing up for your brand. So whether you are an expert at search or just found Google yesterday, this is an exciting and fresh presentation sure to generate conversations, while giving you insight into how your customers interact with you on the web and how you can get in front of your customers.

Tracy Ingram has been in the Technical field for over 20 years. At the age of 17, he started his own IT Tracy Ingramconsulting company. While he was in college, Tracy was recognized regionally as a top computer sales associate. Continuing his education, he went on to get a Bachelors degree in Management Computer Information systems from Florida Gulf Coast University and pursued Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credentials. During this time, Tracy also worked full time as PC LAN administrator at Walden University. After graduation, Tracy’s responsibilities at the university grew to include external and internal help desk management internationally. Upon leaving Walden, Tracy moved into international tech support for biomedical devices company. Currently Tracy is in the marketing field assisting companies with lead generation and in-bound marketing efforts through Search Engine Optimization.