Over the last several years, there have been significant economic changes, with some businesses more dramatically affected than others. However in business, despite the fact that change is uncomfortable, change is necessary. A business itself is a living, breathing entity and to maintain life it has to change. So where do I change? What do I change? If you want better answers, ask better questions!

A few questions to consider:questions to ponder

Are you building a job or a business?

If you take a vacation do you continue to make money?

Is making money tied to time?

Could I think bigger than I am?

Is there a bigger picture my company fits into?

Many companies are cutting back…advertising, marketing, and development.

Have I limited my thinking through preconceived notions of what is possible

How can I leverage the time, money, and effort I put into my business?

How can I expand my business and capture market share with limited resources?

How can I become more valuable to my prospects and clients

Success is often in the details. Do I take care of the details in my business?

If I have changed, do others know?

At the end of the day what do I want this to look like?