Every journey starts somewhere. You can’t get off “Go” unless you know where that somewhere is. Let us help you identify assets and liabilities to chart a course for business growth. Move your business from where you are now to where you want to be .


Do you want to fully identify your potential and possibilities? Are you looking to unlock creative solutions to increase profit and performance for your business growth? What could you do? What should you do? What will you do? When?


An established process utilizing your defined objectives and a few simple rules will help you realize the focused business results you have been looking for because your business deserves more than just another great plan.

The Experience Your Business Needs


For the future of your business, how you make change is as important as knowing what changes to make! Work with us and our exceptional and experienced team will guide you through your journey of discovery, so that you arrive at the right destination for your business. We back up the plan with action, from providing guidance to working hands-on with your team. Find out how…

As a busy and paperwork laden business we approached Sara with the S-Hand Group in 2015 out of pure frustration of pushing piles of paperwork in what seemed like endless circles. Sara had us sit down with her and explain our flow of paperwork from order, to dispatch, with delivery to customer as well as billing and closing out an invoice. We truly thought she would run and seek cover. Instead she studied our processes, figured out what data we needed to be effective and voila after 3 one-hour sessions with her she had a “light bulb moment” that has forever changed the way our 12 year old business has run for the last 2 & 1/2 years. MORE

Sherri Parrett

Owner/President, Sitework Supplier

Sara Hand is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs. Her business acumen and extensive network of colleagues provides business owners with instant access to game changing opportunities and contacts. She has spent decades cultivating relationships with a myriad of influential leaders in Florida and beyond. Sara is an entrepreneurial force of nature.

Jules Gibson

President, FUSE Media + Marketing

In Your Business…

The reality is…

“Everyone” is not your prospect.

The good news is…

There is a specific group that can be identified as “Your” prospects.


Just as there is a uniqueness about you, characteristics that make you different, make you special, make you unlike any other human being – just as you are unique as an individual, so are you as a business. Yes, there may be businesses that provide a product or service that is similar to what you provide. However they are not you AND that IS important. Because it is in your difference, your uniqueness, that something called a unique selling proposition comes forth. People buy a product or service …YOUR product or service because of what makes you different not because of how you are the same as someone else.

If everyone is not your prospect…

Getting your message out is important.

Getting your message out to someone who could be your prospect is more important.

Getting a message out that distinguishes your business as unique and different to someone who could be your prospect is essential if you don’t want to compete on price alone.

Would you like to:

  • Create a strong differential between you and your competitors
  • Increase not only the quantity but the quality of prospective leads
  • Gain market share in your targeted segments
  • Develop tools that will help you close more business

What we do best is to help you identify what makes you most valuable in the marketplace and what to do about that for maximum impact and results. Great research comes together with your unique value proposition in detailed action plans. With the right team to implement and the necessary support from us to stay on task, businesses experience extraordinary results.

If you don’t know what makes you specifically different and unique, and you would like to be more profitable and more effective in how you spend your time and money, commit some time to defining that position. It will pay off!

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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should…

Just because you can build another couponing site, another local directory, another mobile app, doesn’t mean you should, does it? In working with entrepreneurs, we have found there are a few things they will often do without properly determining the feasibility of their idea…


• Build what they do not see directly in front of them

• Hire from their immediate circle of friends

Neither of these habits is necessarily bad. However, if you don’t know that the marketplace is flooded with exactly what you want to build and your competitors are much better funded than you and with an exceptional team, that could be a problem. Or maybe your best friend is incredibly supportive, but that doesn’t mean that you want them to be your business development director does it?

A very successful serial entrepreneur friend says, “Fail fast.” Market research and feasibility can tell you if “this” is the idea to put your efforts into or whether there might be better choices. Build Better – Gain Market Share Faster – AND Make Money Sooner.

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In this busy, mobile, and technology-laden world; business owners are bombarded with choices. Messages fly at us from all directions to use this, purchase that, try this for FREE. Mandates of you “must” be or do something to be successful can be overwhelming. How do you…

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…wade through all the information? How do you decide?

At S-Hand Group we came up with a tool to help evaluate and simplify decision making for ourselves and the businesses with which we work.

Entreprenuer ROIWe start with understanding that some critical components of life and business are finite. Each one of us has the same 24 hours in each day, and we each have a certain amount of energy and attention. If we take care of ourselves, get the right nutrition and appropriate rest we can function at higher levels. However, that in itself is paradoxical challenge. Because the more hours I work and the harder I push myself to work, the less rest I get. Although possible for periods of time, it will eventually catch up and I become less effective. So I am back again to limitations and have to look for tools that will increase my abilities within those constraints.

After limitations, the next key question is, “What am I looking to accomplish?” Whether just starting a venture or well into building your enterprise, there are four buckets most business objectives fall into: maximizing results, optimizing cash flow, staying flexible and build/grow/maintaining your team. Whether free or paid, tools and services you consider should facilitate at least one of these four goals to be worthy of consideration.

With big goals and finite resources, the challenge is to leverage your capacity and still achieve your potential.

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When you do something once it is a project. If done more than once, it should become a process. If you then repeat that process because it produces value to your business or your clients, then that process has the potential to become a revenue producing product.


The challenge for many businesses is that they repeat projects over and over, reinventing the wheel each time and never optimizing their time and intellectual capital or fully monetizing their efforts.



The first step from project to process is a recognition that some of the components are repeatable from one project to another and some are different. The repeatable components become the basis for the process. Those items that are unique are identified, criteria established for when they may be used, and they’re placed in an asset library to house those items. Each process utilizes the lowest common denominator for each step with options added as needed from the asset library.

Whether this process becomes a product or not remains to be seen. It may simply help a business effectively produce value and simply be maintained as a process for internal use. However, many processes, with some thought and go to market strategies applied, will be suitable for conversion to a product for use as an additional stream of revenue.

Over the years, many companies have found valuable internal processes to be highly desirable and profitable in the marketplace as products. An example is the byproduct of kerosene production. For years this highly flammable and “unstable” substance called gasoline was considered useless, until… What does your business do that can be streamlined into a process? Which processes or byproducts of processes are potential additional streams of revenue?

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Next to having relationships with the people you care most about, building a business is the most intimate thing you will ever invest time in. And like several other things that you cannot avoid, one day whether sooner or later, you will cease to be involved with the business you’ve created.

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How well that transition goes and how profitable it is for you depends on how well you prepare for that day. Sadly, too few people are adequately positioned to fully leverage the equity they have in their business. Although few people would think of walking away from their home (until recently), many people walk away from years in a business and leave their equity untapped for lack of information and planning. How sad.



Is your business dependent on your presence or intellectual capital? Do you have a well-defined book of business? Do you have processes in place that make it possible for you to easily bring new people on board? Are you expecting a family member to assume responsibility? Have you thought that one day you would just sell your business? Do you know what valuation is and how that is determined for an existing business? If something happened to you in the near future, how would your business go on without you and how would those you provide for be taken care of?

Seasons change in life. Whether your changes are of necessity or by choice, how well you prepare for the transition will make an enormous difference in how much your business is worth and how smoothly it proceeds. Have you created an exit strategy for your business, and if not, when would you like to begin?

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